Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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long long time ago

well, again long ago that I wrote ... but what the heck ... now I'll probably just babble a bit of babble and sake, and please forgive me if punctuation, spelling and the like more care, are sometimes present and sometimes absent .... like me ...
I like reggae music even if I just do not hear ... I'm sick and so ... ok this is not a direct or even causal relationship but no matter .... my head throbbed so loudly enough for me :-) I'm cold ...
I am almost always cold, if I do not cold, I am warm, too warm .... But then I quickly cold again .... it is very cold from the inside, but oh well ...
I really do not know what I should write ... I write again .... I probably could as well be silent, but well .... I shut up my wall and write, must read it so no one and therefore almost all would be served as it is each to either read or not read ... except my wall that can not read and will be silent to it ... However, to date she has complained yet and until then it will continue so handled as me in the mood .... that poor wall .... if they sometimes feel lonely? I suppose ... Although it has many other walls, but no resembles her .... my wall is also inclined certainly sadistic, not that they cause themselves for active schmerzzufügung would be, but oh well ... means to an end or a silent observer .... in the eyes of my imaginary wall popular instruments of torture are likely to be diverse subjects ... math and inf, German and English and chemistry probably mainly .... oh yes ... I can already hear the cries of joy in my wall, when the next exam is due .... she loves in cold blood and in such painful silence silent witness this lernerei that it seems as if the air freezes and small icicle fly around popping out of a large shredding of tension would have to ... well ... my wall has seen much, heard much, and probably also laughed a lot ... it has only a spark compassion she has been crying a lot, but I doubt it, because I have never heard her crying and when I laugh, it may well be that they mitlacht, or take sadistic sorry to my happy ... well ... we can rest my wall, I let the first or not, of course, because they would do that, they would have their genuine pleasure at the crumbling house and crushed the piece of meat, which includes me once .... and this joy I would not treat her, even if it would be their last pleasure .... well, you want to scold me selfish, and has certainly right, but no, I refuse to ... well ... but in the end plays no role, since I do not even know if my wall currently is consciousness, or whether she is asleep as usual and nothing mitkriegt of what is happening around them .... it certainly is tired ... and must rest, in the next few weeks it will have much to laugh .... they would be compassionate and capable of empathy then she would cry ... but that's not likely ... well ... blah enough about my wall .... it is not like the spotlight and is ashamed she mischievously when she noticed to long and hard ...
now ... one must herein do not see sense ... not even guess he must be ... my tired head becomes slower and the data transfer works only sometimes incorrectly ... well ... How to do it and tomorrow is school again ... like today and on other days before ....
sinnfrei it seems ...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nigerian Native Fashion For Women 2010

me again

ok, I'm somewhat excited. with photoshop.

Kates Playground Ring O


anything for some time .... I know .... 've last written a story, but it is probably too long to post it here (ok, so long it is again not) but anyway .... hmm ... just need someone to write or talk to anyone .... and so I write now simply here .... may be deleted I see it again, maybe I let it but so are just as I write .... I do not see much ... do not be on Brile .... but I see not much else .... I feel nothing, I'm at the end .... if I can feel what it is pain, usually physically .... I can not cry anymore because I'm desperate or have hurt me emotionally ... but still reaches only one look and I cry .... I am not logical, but I do not care ... I do not know what is .... only think of knives or other things ... 'm considering to cut the poor but I do not want it because it would be unfair and not justified ... what it would be different if I would feel me terribly desperate ... ok, I have no plan more and can not .... but it is an almost callous as .... I can not .... I think that I only go on the nerves .... I'm sorry.
really concerns me is not so bad, I've self ...
'you mean well with us, like a father to his children, I hear preaching grad ne ... which was prayed here .... hmmm .... well ... I know myself ... but somehow ... oh wtf .... I can not think anymore and I do not want it too .... I wish I could be better, but this will not work and is perhaps a good thing .... soon it's all over ... sometimes it feels like again ... sometimes I do not understand what I say here really wanted to .... soon everything back as before, it is not better, but different from now, somehow it goes on and I die every day a little more ....
asked myself whether I still sometimes go to the doctor because of my stomach or whatever .... I have a lot of places, but what's already out here ....
feels everything is incorrectly or not at all feel and that is wrong .... I have no will, but no anger .... I'm considering whether to take me and let me work unquestioningly anything .... I see nothing ... and I do not want .... I do not want to go home. I want him to come and console me, but I want that he sleeps when he comes I wipe my eyes and say 'nothing' and I still do not think or repressed, perhaps what I eat ..... maybe things will get better, maybe I feel maybe I also feel God and his intervention, perhaps all leads to good so I can see it and understand .... might happen not what I was thinking ... my negative dream in which I liked as a kid quasi fans are perhaps true, perhaps not ... maybe I need to live on, perhaps I need not die ... maybe I should be glad ... maybe I need to lose myself to myself ... but sometimes I think that I should find me and know this first .... 'm indifferent. I am exhausted.
papa, please help me! but you see my tears, right? sorry but you see my .... hilf mir doch. ich muss mich wohl selbst überwinden, aber du kannst das besser, also bitte bitte tu was.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Working Out To Hide Pectus Carinatum


i hear sweet sounds
i walk dark grounds
i feel maniacs rising
in dark streets surprising
they are waiting for you

this ain't a song about my sadness
or a poem just out of gladness
this won't be any help out of mess
cuz it's a story about our madness
my mind goes crazy
my sense gets lazy
feelings cool down
head wents downtown
madness is rising
the dark is disguising
black and filthy
i'll never be guilty
darkness is hiding
all of my fighting
you'll never see me
in the shape i will be
appearing to you
in a night or two
when my mind is gone
and madness' won
the beast awakes
all trembles and shakes
when the beast comes out
and frightens the crowd
i hope for you
when the beast comes through
that my madman side
will fear the light
so stay in bed
when nights going mad
and my dark side appears
which is causing you fears
but i can't guarantee
that the madman won't be
creeping in your room
in the shadows of the moon
longing for your soul
and try to reach the goal
of awaking the little maniac in you
you'll serve me well in evrything you do
i'm your mistress, hear me now
you'll go crazy, you will bow

hear the sweet sounds
bow, bow to the grounds

bow to the ground before your mistress
declare the kingdom of my madness
union all the maniacs for me
search evrywhere and let them free
everyone's crazy, everyone's mad
release them all, tell them what i said
serve me well and fullfill my order
bring madness forth to evry border
look into my eyes, recieve my will
your soul is alive as you serve me still
perhaps when you are once released
you still have the chance to rest in peace
don't try to resist or to run away
madness is there evry night and day
put down your weapons, stop that fight
i won't leave you because of light
you're mine and darkness is my own
you can't stop madness all alone
you can't resist as i already told
you're a maniac for life either hot or cold
come to me, my children of the night
your mistress is not the one you have to fight
yes, i went crazy, i'm a maniac at last
and all other things are laying in the past
but that's no reason to fight the current state
you'll learn to accept, so serve and wait
no no, don't open your eyes
don't look at the world as it is cuz it lies
no no, let my madman survive
or else i loose my way to stay alive
no no, don't let me
down I'll be in your dreams, I'll wear my crown
i am your mistress, I'll keep you here
you can not run away, I'll keep you near
if you leave me you'll
be lost and i will keep you at any cost
i will not loose you, you're not free
all the maniacs have to stay with me.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Ladies Sanhedrin Napkin


well, I thought that maybe it should be important news to be known, especially if you know how to take advantage of an own blogs .... or in my case would know ... because obviously I do not know ... or at least, considering that I'm a witness for my ignorance, which I exhibited myself here again without any invalid explain and if not, then at least the impulse to give this testimony did again my cost to ... well ... I do not intend to digress into considerations, but as I am doing so much else, so I will refrain from doing well all the comments that immediately populate my poor brain when I write .... for I have not, in that I write this and just wrote to prevent the same thing that I do not digress and do not go in thinking and lost in thought ... I then do just that here and probably still ... or not ... well ... I want the best of intentions and good will, my thoughts and comments not out of my own intellect, or lack of understanding, rage ... Let now ... we come to the real ... or not .... my thoughts ... include more my mind to a preliminary part, the idea is followed by thought and implementation, as noted here, the world, or at least that part of the world, who will take note of this entry, give to my engagement to David known. Now although the latter has been caught, mind you not the engagement, but the announcement blog for my part in this, a rather, well, let's be direct and honest, underpinned meaningless, because it contains a trial to a partially bla and second, the information that those what they get here, already had been ... Now, should I bother not it ... no one will have to read this here, not even me ... I just write it .... otherwise I will remain the recommendation of another blog ... link to the left under avarchillion etc. ... he who seeks aware, there it more ... I master the bla, the knowledge, ideas, if any, are umrangt from the same ... well, yes and well ... so what? The recommendation is ... should and those with whom I became engaged, the same whose blog I recommended, read this here, because I fear that line read at first only by the same will, for which all this still contains the least new, it was assured that I love him greatly.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Swot Analysis For Beauty Saloon

Rose of death

I walked through the streets, my tears with blood
my hands from knives are the witnesses of my anger
my cries fully silence the lack
every word and the souls of the victims complain every murder
and I go disappear through the streets in silent shrine in
the dark and be all alone
be there I will free myself from earthly goods and
aufgehn in death as in a fiery blaze
I forget memory and draw the sword
I check the blade to its value
in anticipation of death I'm there
and wait in silence on the death of the first word
and my tears are like beads of blood
I wear them as jewelry, they reflect my anger
these bloody tears them apart, now my grave
since falling out of the darkness a rose down

Rose of death, drops of blood
dreams about dying, life and courage
strength to fight, and again no more
a heart full of longing and yet so empty.
Rose of death, bouquets of red
black instead of life, hopes dead
dark dreams, despair and pain
and again this longing in the heart.

I walk through the streets, this rose in your hand
bloody rain has burned my hand
the beauty of the Rose leads me into the darkness of death by
outside of time where I will be receiving the death of his black
he hands me his hand and he leads me into
he dresses in tears in the pearls of my blood
and forges a chain in the love of my courage
then he takes me over and creates me a grave
and we walk together in the halls down
where we wait in silence until the end of the night
and I wear the chain he made for me
and the rose of death, little pearl of my happiness
remains as the last witness of my tears
bloodier than it is today only a drop on the ground floor
blood-soaked rock.

Rose of death, drops of blood
dreams of dying, of life and courage
strength to fight, and again no more
a heart full of longing and yet so empty.
Rose of death, bouquets of red
black instead of life, hopes dead
dark dreams, despair and pain
and again this longing in the heart.
Rose of death, silver sheen
bloody swords, my blood alone
broken souls, screaming pain
love dying, dying heart
Rose of death, drops of blood
cup of sorrow, anger
silver beads are tears, blood, the substance
and I will carry, at the last dance.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Replacement For Tech Dec

detection and blabla

So now that I've found that even today no Valentine's Day is, I had in mind that finding and make known to use the opportunity to once again to declare and publicly that avarchillion I love. Now, I could here pictures of roses or other green stuff (or Rotzeug, whatever) add to the whole, probably the valentine's sense just to make, but it's exactly what should not be the point, right? It is, after all, not Valentine's Day and he should be committed ... So in joy that roses are perhaps not more than twice as expensive as they are on the said days and the period is usually around him. Also to note is the joy that now that we are today in a non-Valentine's Day are, roses are more beautiful as they were in just said, special days. For are not roses every day of the year more beautiful than this? Is it not true that kindness does not count as high, if they happen only noticeable on this one day? But what we want to say ... Despite this knowledge, there are not enough creatures that would give nevertheless offended, they would not be considered on that day in a special way? Well, that is completely disagree, though, the little creature that I is included with other beings, and partly from outside and sometimes themselves, it agreed that roses better on other days are like on that at which they not infrequently forced or at the very least presents from duty, and therefore, despite their exorbitant prices, which determine not the value of a rose or the related attention, this value can only by the love with which it was given to be measured, not the beauty of a may outweigh small act of love in daily life. It may provide an incentive, they may enjoy and can create new, but can live with the love only if it also finds its place in everyday life. Now this is not necessarily what can be understood by ordinary, but it is not enforced and not tied to a day. If I'm honest, I will mention that this line of detection and the general blah's not just the drive out were my insignificant opinion get rid of and put my love for avarchillion new express, but even though at first unconsciously only, and yet I was moved this to the letter to begin at all to me, knowing to lose in what I probably succeeded to some extent, and I want to presume anything, even to prevent the exercise of other activities. Of course I would never in the sense that this writing and their intention even remotely might have something to do with the math test on Thursday, which I happen to have to learn something in that, apart from yours truly, probably learn anyway all already, and I, even while I know I am in the remaining time, for example, and of far-fetched, tomorrow hardly enough elapsing find something, and yet more the desire feel my little iBook to employ, we assume, for example, and just as far-fetched a Shooter, which I of course would never play, or even very pretty, a book, as befits a decent girl with good education, without of course I would never Winnetou, the last I should not even read ... and I would not do so many things like, and can, I am left her by the theory for a long time considered a math learning ... and a few elapsed insignificant moments are lost in these lines, which have now served well and almost exclusively for this purpose. In principle, it is not fair. These lines have now is the time in which I invested in them, yet they could never play them, no, they need more and more, pass away or they perish and are forgotten. If they are not powered on through time, which is dedicated to them, they go out, if not their state between 0 and 1, then at least in the minds of people. To obtain these lines further, which are purchased through time and different, they need additional time and otherwise be paid to stop them do not live. The longer they remain without time, the longer them no attention is paid and the longer they rest in oblivion, the more it will take time to understand its contents again and take their meaning and to understand their words. It is time that passes without that part of it, no matter how insignificant and small, wasted on these lines is complicated not only the interpretation of the words in their context, to recognize them and their original meanings within a time that is not repeatable, is heavier and heavier. But so be it and so it should be. So I will close this blah, not to use the remaining time for acquiring mathematical skills, but otherwise shared, as can be found. Only one thing is not said, and from this I hope to walk or importance yet lost understanding of selbige words ever, because this should be, well not necessarily in this particular case, but applied to the central importance of the key term in this statement, in general, then is not only an understanding of low loss nature, but this is also a part of what makes you feel the world is still a piece of divinity and live.
The statement is simple, yet meaningful, if they sincerely and honestly meant, and it also deletes only the last word, there is nothing that is bound to this specific instance,
I love you, avarchillion!

Tarí (which should now learn math, but it will not do :-))

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Unemployment Insurance Benefits Ny Certifications

blood -rejected

I'm bleeding
the knife cut my wrist
but before that I used my fist to smash the mirror

Which reflected the
I felt pain when you

rejected my love and my heart that I gave
and now I flee and seek hide in a grave
of my pain and loneliness of a death inside
and I aready died.

jaja ... one of my school poems .....

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jesse Jane Online Vid

dance in the fire

dance in the fire, little heart
dance and lose yourself there,
because where the suffering and pain are only

like the wind,
evaporate like fog,
the fire burned,
of nimble feet carried them
the world is still a beautiful place.

flow with the water, my soul
flow 'and never come back, you never
that goal in mind the lack
fled as far
but as time
into the distance by the wind

blown away by dark forces
been obscured and my little eyes removed. can not

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Yogita Bali In Underwear


what concerns me
indignation rest
reaffirms my passive activity

my eyes but I do not look pass through the dreams

and I forget who I am

screaming my fears but I do not hear
thrive and they come to light and

not my pain does not stop my tears on silent

and then the desire to
in indignation.

hmm .... this poem was written in September .... I do not know if you can understand it ... and if anyone does, I do not know .... even more so well ... I usually would not write this ... but something in me resists, the poem just like that, without quick note on my part to release from .... To explain what I mean ... well ... believe that, so I have no sense, because "who does not understand my silence, of course not my words, "to quote here something, what's wrong in my opinion .... well ... what the heck .... what I write here will probably pass without any special meaning to the reader ... it will probably be written in it .... no sense to have this or will they? causes it but maybe that I do not think that I still had something to write .... but no ... it is not cause ... because my comment is meaningful without even why I am also reassure or satisfy it is to have written ... well ... maybe it is, where no sense, yet there to be I in retrospect it ... can write to me to deal with other than what me .... now employs ... who is not this what I write, of course, may well live soothes ... who understands and knows what I mean .... who understands what concerns me ... I can only conclude with tears in his eyes in the poor ... we'll make it ... But perhaps this feeling is still present in everyone and everyone knows it well ... now ... so be it .... I know my people ... my lonely people ... but maybe I just sinking in grief too painful to avoid even greater? maybe I weave me a dress from it to make it to live ever again ... or maybe I'm just waiting ... and perhaps these lines I only write a memory of what has been ... and maybe it's just daydreaming ... and perhaps it is pointless to me seem to have written, just like I did last pointless ... and yet ... also, in every sense without the afflicted, the interwoven with sorrow, or perhaps self-pity eaten me liable ... perhaps it has become familiar ... or maybe these are the memorable line, only the sounds of the old kindled in me ... one last bitter cry, one last tear it out of the hope, one last time before all the memories of the past .... and entrusted and yet perhaps all these lines lie only just a dream, only madness that has formed in deep mourning and the fantasy ... well it may be that I wake up soon ... well it may be that what I write and wrote only is delusional .... now ... so be it ... but perhaps it is a piece of my injured soul .... maybe they should be remedied on or be cured on .... now ... I think maybe .... or is it? as it is .... Now, I do not know ... maybe I'll see it, understand perhaps ... but if not ... now, then be that as it ... I can not stop ... or is it? now ... perhaps I mean this .... or not ... or I do not want it .... neither promote nor hinder, or even believe the same is not ... Perhaps it is this ... Perhaps it has to be decided, maybe not ... and perhaps this is just spinning .... it may be ....
and then the wille
up in indignation.