Friday, February 12, 2010

Gallerys Nadine Jansen

Next Event: General Meeting on Friday, 03/05/2010

on 5.3.2010 by 20 clock has our this year's general meeting in the café Giramondi in Giessen, Bahnhofstrasse 53 instead.

following agenda is planned:
Item 1: Welcome
Item 2: Election Meeting Coordinator and Secretary / in
Item 3: Management and financial report
Item 4: Report on the audit
Item 5: Approval of the Board
Item 6: Election of delegates to the LV 2010
Item 7: Picture Travelogue of crossing the Alps on the Via Claudia Augusta
(Speaker Dr. Walter Lenz)
Item 8: Annual planning and activities in 2010
Item 9: current cycling policy of Giessen
TOP 10: Miscellaneous

Monday, February 8, 2010

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How many pitches does the bike Station Square?

ADFC counts show higher demand - City secures examination

In planning the station forecourt is significantly more demand for bicycle parking, as was previously planned. This information comes from censuses of the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) shows that this has December now regularly performs.

The city of Giessen was previously assumed that 366 bicycle parking spaces would be needed in the area of the station forecourt, with future increases should already be taken into account. The number of 366 bikes was presented in the Building Committee in early December and comes from an urban advice from the summer of 2009. Both individual committee members and the ADFC Giessen, who watched the session, these values were far too low. Since then, the ADFC assets have counted more than once the parked bicycles. It turned out that was stopped in December around the station up to 774 bikes. The creative new to area around the station square were counted, despite icy temperatures up to 428 bikes. In warm, dry summer weather, the cycle numbers should still be much higher. Further increases are expected, if possible according to the design of the space station all areas of the bicycles is a frame fixed connection and are covered.

The results of the counts of the ADFC is now the city provided. "We are grateful that the city reveals an immediate review of our numbers and promised that they will consider our results for further planning," said board member Jan Fleischhauer ADFC. How did it come to the discrepancies can The ADFC judge only partly because the urban opinion was not published.

From the presentation in the Building Committee was, however, that the parked at the new gears in the urban post opinions were not included, although there are parked outside the post office opening times up to 65 bicycles by train drivers. Another possible reason for the discrepancies may have been the time of the census. In university towns are in fact not on weekdays but on weekends, most bicycles parked at the station: Then there are the wheels of the commuters from the surrounding Giessen, their bikes to ride on weekdays between Station and university or place of use. Then there are the wheels of the students who live in pouring down, but at the weekend by train to the family.

Total welcomes the ADFC that the space station is being remodeled and the city has the goal, a sufficient number of covered and secure bicycle parking spaces directly offering the railway station. A guarded car park with bike repair service and sales should also be realized in the view of ADFC. The trend in cycling is generally too high-quality wheels and these need to be safely secured when one wants to move in the future even more commuters to switch to wheel and rail. That is great need clear.

Even with snow and ice, the parking facilities are filled at the station well. The ADFC therefore calls for a significant increase of the parking spaces during the redevelopment of the station square. Photo: ADFC / Jan Fleischhauer