Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How Much Does Permit Test Cost In Ohio?


many things change ....
can think about it :-)

ok, I want to register only once again :-)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Difference Between Ultra And Mino Flip Cam

dark dreams

What Are Some Prom Dress Catalogs


you do not study philosophy, I think. in the study of philosophy can learn what others think or have said about something, you learn a lot about philosophy and the same objects, but philosophy itself not be learned. through a study of philosophy is the same for the actual trait of the student-off adjusted so that the studies themselves are responsible, that the real love to know how they can come through philosophy expressed not in its pure original form can come to expression.
philosophy is not only opinions and methods of some people and adapt to philosophers or to analyze, but think for themselves. Herein lies the difference. know not only factual and lack of interest to dissect opinion, but find themselves in the matter to himself about to form an opinion, and even about nachtzudenken, perhaps, with some findings and thoughts of others, but self-digest without pre-digested again. can practice
philosophy and must also mean temporarily attach the idleness of being shipped but not hopeless. this is necessary so as not to get caught in their own thoughts, but to also be free of them and to learn a new perspective. in the rest of philosophy can not go according to a human or routinely done algorithmically, as well as the love of knowledge varied and not after factoring and calculated.
know, for the love also means that one can be deceived in it, and too in love to rush out of going blind and ignorance of truths, that it looks rather torn.
the philosophy can explain a man-about aspects of his own, so far in love to know the love is rooted in the truth. the only way to serve the philosophy extraegoistischen purposes. However, this may include self-knowledge, self-identify as the first step to represent a change from the outside.
so the philosophy is to serve man, but it may be in its pure form is not learned, only practiced. the love of knowledge is not always true, but may hire their art in the mistaken truth, may still love to know also mean love for truth. who can be honest to themselves, like the great treasures found in philosophy.
should not be related to philosophy, are universally valid analytical but develop in the individual himself.
not the philosophy can answer big questions To give but only approaches in the spirit that give instructions on how response might look like.
can see the philosophy alone but give no answer, or truths, seeing that each is not object, because human love, whether among themselves or to the truth and know it can never be, there must be a scale that can do that. all sciences, even if they can in the spirit of philosophy, that is literally the love of wisdom, and love of truth, to be practiced, not to speak of truth when they report their syntheses. No one has the right to name truths of his interpretations, everything can be questioned.
is there truth? yes. where to find it or who is they found? who could it? only alone, everything, even the truth, even that created wisdom to know, even the - god. may
remains for us the philosophy to say that the quest for knowledge and wisdom not to reach the same can be equated, not even. the divestment of own conclusions and other considerations may be advantageous in their hours of philosophical, yet nothing like this must be regarded as absolute truth, since it sprang from only a single thought, which itself also has no absoluteness in highly stressed. only what is called by God to be truth, may be regarded as such by us. Now do you set up his philosophical approaches to this absolute principles and true God, so your studies and the philosophy of the individual to increase only guess at, to be rediscovered by philosophers, and so his life and his philosophy can enrich.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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grad was thinking I could just write back and asked myself what spontaneously when it makes "boom". politically, economically and with me .... I find from day to day disgusting .... today we have some degree .... well ... I hear this may already be back on the post, which is very unusual for me ... but well .... so what?
bähhhhhh! Krah and blah.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ttc 1 Week Before Period

greet well from school

I sit now in the school and have three hours of computer science in front of me .... I'm pretty much at the end .... I can not write properly last time. everything makes me unhappy, I'm by myself terribly sick .... and I can not .... I hope and despair, and actually I can not find words for it all .... I despise myself and can only shake your head about me, I'm just to throw up .... I do not know how to say it all ... I'm afraid and I fear permanently and the other, I am angry and feel hatred.
I'm sorry. I am disgusting .... and now I'm crying right now or not, I have to pull myself together .... have recently revived more often the feeling to cry at least internally but also physically, and yet I feel so disgusting .... and wrong .... oh well maybe I should watch in the classroom to which I have but little pleasure .... hmm ... I'm waiting .... I wait all the time that what happened again .... and I'm thinking and want to hit and scream and much more ... but I can not and I can not .... khsearhkKRAHHHHHHH ashdiflklhilfe ........ I sdfaöiwehfasldfj Heufler ksdjlgfeklichlilhljeöwijw23o8ruijsdfnklwölkejroiÖJKFSDMFN LIUHJNÖDOFIJEWÖLASKNDFSLJKDBSDKLJVGBSDVKJSDNBAKJSDFHJSLEÖIFJHSEÖIFHASÖLDKFHEISLHEFLKDHFELISHFLISEFHSNDCVBVUHBRIOU ksjdifejselfjn v krah .... help ... I can not .... I write only scraps .... today during english language schools I've also what gekutzelt .... lubricated .... not written ....
i am going to die of pain
i can not live in this world
help me and free me
take me away!!
i want to be kind of blind
i do not want to see
and think and feel .... i want to kill myself
free me! i can not live here
i can not bear the pain,
cut me and take my live and my blood

well, but never mind ... I'm just a little break ....

Friday, April 3, 2009

Salwar Bra Without Panty

what to

the written exams are around. I stood for math, computer science, English and religion. if I'm lucky I have not spoken in a test, unless the foreign auditor draws me ... well ... but this has so while still ne.
I'm actually quite pleased that the ABI is over now ... So at least the ugly part .... but oh well ... really glad I'm not ... I'm feeling not so great ... well ... no matter ....
in next time it goes with so some more ... eg planning the wedding on and so ... well ...
wanted to write again ... strange ... abi although actually it seems somehow important, important as it seems to me not again ... still makes you worry so ... Well what the hell ....
sry if I have not written while ne ... if anyone here reads :-)

oh yes, the tests were quite ok to good, and I thank for you for praying.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Football Birthday Invitation Wording

photoshop say: see this girl

got back in last time and again played with photoshop and fabricated include the following ...

is scribbling, who would have thought it of me.