Sunday, May 18, 2008

Working Out To Hide Pectus Carinatum


i hear sweet sounds
i walk dark grounds
i feel maniacs rising
in dark streets surprising
they are waiting for you

this ain't a song about my sadness
or a poem just out of gladness
this won't be any help out of mess
cuz it's a story about our madness
my mind goes crazy
my sense gets lazy
feelings cool down
head wents downtown
madness is rising
the dark is disguising
black and filthy
i'll never be guilty
darkness is hiding
all of my fighting
you'll never see me
in the shape i will be
appearing to you
in a night or two
when my mind is gone
and madness' won
the beast awakes
all trembles and shakes
when the beast comes out
and frightens the crowd
i hope for you
when the beast comes through
that my madman side
will fear the light
so stay in bed
when nights going mad
and my dark side appears
which is causing you fears
but i can't guarantee
that the madman won't be
creeping in your room
in the shadows of the moon
longing for your soul
and try to reach the goal
of awaking the little maniac in you
you'll serve me well in evrything you do
i'm your mistress, hear me now
you'll go crazy, you will bow

hear the sweet sounds
bow, bow to the grounds

bow to the ground before your mistress
declare the kingdom of my madness
union all the maniacs for me
search evrywhere and let them free
everyone's crazy, everyone's mad
release them all, tell them what i said
serve me well and fullfill my order
bring madness forth to evry border
look into my eyes, recieve my will
your soul is alive as you serve me still
perhaps when you are once released
you still have the chance to rest in peace
don't try to resist or to run away
madness is there evry night and day
put down your weapons, stop that fight
i won't leave you because of light
you're mine and darkness is my own
you can't stop madness all alone
you can't resist as i already told
you're a maniac for life either hot or cold
come to me, my children of the night
your mistress is not the one you have to fight
yes, i went crazy, i'm a maniac at last
and all other things are laying in the past
but that's no reason to fight the current state
you'll learn to accept, so serve and wait
no no, don't open your eyes
don't look at the world as it is cuz it lies
no no, let my madman survive
or else i loose my way to stay alive
no no, don't let me
down I'll be in your dreams, I'll wear my crown
i am your mistress, I'll keep you here
you can not run away, I'll keep you near
if you leave me you'll
be lost and i will keep you at any cost
i will not loose you, you're not free
all the maniacs have to stay with me.