Monday, August 30, 2010

Inebrya Ice Cream Hair Colour

Next Event: Stammtisch on Friday, 03/09/2010

Our regular meeting in September will be held on Friday, 09/03/2010 at 20 clock in the "Rhodes" in Giessen, riverside path instead.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Carberators For A Artic Snowmoblie

More beds for Holiday cyclists in the district casting!

The ADFC sees need for more bicycle-friendly Bed & Bike Holidays

For weeks, the summer weather in Hesse has made wide. Despite occasional showers, the best time for a leisurely cycling holiday in the Hessian long-distance routes and their attractive side routes. This holiday cyclists in the district of casting not only inviting bike paths, but also sufficient bicycle-friendly find shelter, wants the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) Hessen existing gaps in the network of bed and bike shops close as soon as possible.

Bed & Bike companies are officially friendly, because they agree to accommodate guests for one night only, wheels to keep the night safe and maintained as required on loan. Other criteria include a dry way, date tourist information and a full breakfast. Currently, there are only casting in the district nine such accommodation facilities.

acute need for cycle-friendly accommodation provides the ADFC especially in the county town of Giessen, Hesse on the Lahn Valley Cycle Route Cycle Route R7 and content. At the R7 are missing in the district also casting bed & Bike Holidays in Buseck and rice churches, the cycling federation. Following the recommendation of the ADFC should holiday cyclists in Lich and Green Mountain, which lie at the R6, find a bicycle friendly overnight accommodation. Potential for bicycle guests also have the Lahn Valley Cycle Route Lollar and hunger at the limit cycle, the ADFC Hesse.

from the fee-based bed and bike certification houses benefit from a better awareness among the Cyclists: The illustrated profile of each bed and bike-

operation appears in the Internet database and the annual out-given accommodation directory printed in the handlebar pocket. Also in the position of the bed is shown and bike operations. For cyclists to travel planning much easier.

A high density of cycle-friendly accommodation is also a condition for a tourist cycle as ADFC-quality route can be certified. According to the ADFC Hesse is in many communities the potential for cyclists so large that several bed & Bike Holidays in one place makes sense - especially if they belong to different categories: In Bed & Bike related to star hotels and pensions as well as apartments, hostels and campsites.

Interested companies register now ADFC Hesse: Phone 069-944101 97; Fax: 069-944101 98; E-mail: Information and tender documents, the Internet is at: (guide to guest farms).