Friday, December 24, 2010

Place Greece Brian Andrew 2010


hides behind doors twenty-four still a piece of paper, found at a house wall.

the moral of the note: please go, ride and be more cautious than today and in the next days.

my friends, I wish you all a normal Christmas.
that they are just the same as always.
and a little bit to beneficial.

I hope you enjoyed the advent calendar. thanks to all who participated.

I'll now pause a little first blog.
but you hear of me.
until then

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Irritated Labia By Brazilian Wax

door door door eleven p.m.

eleven p.m. behind door hides the saddest day.

you think that everything stays as it is. even if you know better, some of us still believes that nothing will change. that in each year with Grandma and Grandpa around the Christmas tree sits and sings.
my grandpa could fix anything with duct tape. He taught me to play mini golf, to count the points in tennis, and anything else I need to know.
when we were little, we often stayed with him, we always had cats in the evening washing make and sometimes we were allowed to bathe in the blubberbadewanne.
on New Years Eve we have seen folk shows with him and pretended that we would find it funny, but really we wanted to drink only champagne. There was champagne with my grandpa all the time.
my grandpa was always a solution for every problem.
he kindled the fire place so beautiful like no one else.
what not teach an old dog learn new tricks, he explains. And there are things that does not exist.
when he was young, my grandpa helped his buddy to come by the truck-driving test, as he climbed the back of the truck at the beginning and during hill and jumped out behind a large stone mature laid.
young as he was, he was in the village of his football club.
my grandpa always wanted to learn to play schifferklavier.

to the storytelling afternoon he told me about a man whose father was dying. the son, the shutters up, and then directly to do it again.
is so live that, then the father has said.

I know he is with God and that he has recovered as much power as he deserves. but it is so sad. I can not imagine that I get married again and my beloved grandpa is not here.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

How To Dry Cure Sopressata

ten p.m.

first participant of the competition was of t w. a beautiful picture.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What Can I Write In A Engagement Card

nine p.m.

hides behind a door nine p.m. competitive.
me who the best snow photo sends, receives an award .
entries from now on popeva (at) yahoo (dot) com .

Monday, December 20, 2010

Changing License Nj To Ny

door door door nineteen twenty

hides behind doors eight p.m., not much. I would like you
shown a photo from aasee and the weeping willows, the mist and the white snow, which is all over it.
but probably even including those panoramas you see when you look out the window or away from where ever you live. therefore you need not photographic. and besides, I have no digital camera.

four more days to Christmas. the tension is rising.
I present my outfit for Christmas Eve completed (the tights bought) and looking forward even more to the feast. The first gifts are given away (to my dear girl Pippi Longstocking). the burnt almonds taste senationell (thanks m). I had visited today (which was great you swedish). the fabulous weekend me is still in its bones that could have easily gone any better (crafts, waffles, marvel at snow, train ride music, render, wg-party breakfast, book flight, Christmas food, mess, pippi, three to a bed ) sleep. and if one is even on Mondays and happy, then you have no reason to complain about the life.

I wanted a quote from pippi Viktualia post, I found so many of their sets well. but now I have all forgotten.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

How To Adjust Pilot Light Flame On A Honeywell

hides behind doors nineteen, the result of a beautiful evening (yesterday) in a snow hut somewhere in the forest. dwarf with a few added. where the pizza delivery service anschiebhilfe need to get away again and there is no heating. but m and j, and me and lots of flea market and bulky instruments, semi-professional microphones, mixers stolen, borrowed cables and other stuff.

a sleep well song that I wrote for my dear Sarah.
janne / chromonika
painted / guitar
efficient / sing sang and glockenspiel

much fun and sleep well tonight.
advent a great fourth.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Do You Need Reservations Bonefish Grill

Winter Tour is from

Due to the current issues of weather forecasts and the anticipated bad road conditions for 11.12. planned winter tour out.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Pete And Les Place In Greece

Next Event: Stammtisch on Friday, 12/03/2010

Our regular meeting in December will be held on Friday, 03/12/2010 at 20 clock in the restaurant "Rhodes" in Giessen, riverside path instead. Guests are welcome.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ups Fedex Delivery While Away From Home

ADFC casting welcomes ruling on the obligation to use cycle paths

The ADFC casting welcomes the decision of the Federal Administrative Court on the obligation to use cycle paths. We hope that the sentence does, and that in casting all use subject to Bike paths are checked.

initiatives to the ADFC has casting been taken and there were already repealed first use requirements, such as in Leihgesterner way in the Robert-Sommer-Straße and in the Frankfurter Strasse.
We will keep at it and now report further on the subject.

this to the press statement by the Federation ADFC:

cycling on the road is the rule
Federal Administrative Court confirms Bavarian ruling
The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig has strengthened today in a landmark ruling, the basic rights of cyclists as equal road users. The court confirmed that cyclists can usually go on the road and municipalities only in exceptional cases marked bicycle paths as compulsory must. The applicant, the Chairman of the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) in Regensburg, was now in the highest administrative court against the order by an obligation to use the bike path the city of Regensburg. (Ref.: BVerwG 3 C 42.09)
The ADFC, who supported this action, focused on a general clarification of the circumstances under which an obligation to use the bike path at all could be permitted. In case the Government Regensburg unilateral joint pedestrian and cycle paths had set up beside the road and arranged by blue signs for both directions of an obligation to use. The prohibition in that provision for cyclists to ride on the road justified the city with public safety considerations.
Like the Bavarian Administrative Court, the Federal Administrative Court followed this reasoning, however, and made it clear that cycling can be characterized only as compulsory if there is due to specific local conditions, a significantly increased risk for road users (§ 45 paragraph 9 of the Road - Highway Code).
The Chairman of the 3rd Senate, said at the hearing, we must strengthen the responsibility of road users and should not force cyclists on bike paths structurally inadequate. Already since
1 September 1997 provides for the Highway Code cycling on the road as the rule, allowing it to only exceptionally, bike paths with the blue cycling sign marked as compulsory to. The Federal Administrative Court has dealt extensively with this law and the Highway Code has now interpreted correctly and consistently.
ADFC national chairman Ulrich Syberg says: "Most cities and towns in Germany have adopted Regulation until now largely ignored and marked almost all cycle tracks. After this decision is now all administrations are required to comply with applicable law "
This is right. Cyclists may, but need not
example of casting! , Leihgesterner way

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Adjusting Windage On Crossman Scope

master table at 5.11. falls from building

For organizational reasons, the parent table on Friday, 05/11 fail, unfortunately

Next Stammtisch:... Friday, 12/03/2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Highest Fuel Economy Truck

one two three bicycle stations!

In Frankfurt there are a discussion to bicycle parking garages. Fritz Biel ADFC Frankfurt arguments and needs in an article summarizes "current Frankfurt" in together. They can also be on the bike park use at the train station:
"The creation of safer and more easily accessible parking spaces for bicycles in sufficient numbers - and as close as possible to the target - is one of the most important tasks of the cycle promotion is on high-traffic locations. It can however also a difficult one. Although bicycles require only a fraction of the space needed for parking a car is a conflict.
From the perspective of the urbanity of a city anything Better pass than that their citizens are traveling by bicycle instead of driving. to reach its destination directly and not worry of having to just get rid of his vehicle until you need it again, this is one of the main reasons why people opt for the bike. Can not always place where all want to go, provide adequate bicycle parking. Even if space permits, one must accept that there are from an urban planning point of view very attractive locations for better use of opportunities as they make full of bicycles.
There is also no solution, garages shown where they have no one wants. Cyclists are in terms of routes and carry baggage, just as easily as other road users. Now it is to park his bicycle so far depend on the designation of parking spaces. The parking of bicycles in the public space belongs to the so-called "public use". As long as no one can obstruct, endanger or restrict in any other of his rights, one can park his bike, where ever you want.
Who does not want the free parking of bicycles is rampant, should be time to think about a range of alternative offers. Bicycle parking garages could - properly designed, built and operated - are such an offer. This to be observed some. Construction and operation of bicycle parking facilities cost money. You must be comfortably usable. drag bikes down stairs is not enough there. The willingness to pay for their use of money, moving experience, but within narrow limits. Not every cyclist is willing to use a bicycle parking garage. Only he who calls his own a relatively expensive bike and who wants to bring this for a long time, the effort in your portfolio. That limits the audience.
provides the public streets in general, the social control for a minimum of security of parked bikes, at least during the day. This is not the case in closed rooms. Bicycle parking garages make sense only if the parked bikes are guarded and with long opening times. That does not make things cheaper. Bicycle parking garages need a certain size to be used to stay viable, but then it works out long term only if the revenues are generated not only from the parking fees. It does so also other services. This brings us to the question of the operator. Where the market alone does not provide a solution, the public sector is required. This also applies to car parking facilities otherwise. In Frankfurt, the project would "Bike Point" of the International Confederation of a possible operator available, the best for his Integration work of young unemployed people experiencing public support and the necessary know-how has to offer beyond just guarding the bikes also paid services. The Frankfurter Velotaxi Board finds the idea to integrate with your services as a permanent tenant in cooperation with bike-Point in a bicycle parking garage very appealing. Passengers and tourists were there a direct point of contact.
Why now?
The very encouraging increase in inner-city cycling draws attention to the fact that the supply of bicycle parking spaces despite the laudable efforts are not already adequately is.
is the case of the upcoming redesign of the main station and Konstablerwache at two focal points of urban traffic situation, the possibility of integrating such a cycle park. The same also for the station, where the plans for the reconstruction of the station forecourt and the underlying B-level begin to emerge. No one can
without expert examination of the situation at the three sites to say whether the perspective is described to implement. The ADFC is therefore proposing that the City Council authorized a relevantly experienced planning office to provide an analysis of whether and under what conditions the three sites of operation a bicycle parking garage would be appropriate and possible. It should also be included opportunities arising from the discussion for both inner-city locations buildings to create modified urban area edges (M112/10).
The outlined opportunities come so in the foreseeable future again. They should therefore not be wasted.
That at least is the opinion of
Fritz Biel "

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Desperate Housewives Reruns Daytime

A bicycle parking is an urgent need

casting press release from the ADFC 10/18/2010:

ADFC provides:

* A bicycle parking is urgently required *

In various press articles to the citizens on the station forecourt in part to the impression that would have ADFC casting the negative ruled on the proposed bicycle basement at the station. This is correct and we want to deepen the content.

The statement that such a controlled and usually paid only storage room of about 20% of current cyclists at the station is approved, draws from the experience of other cycling stations, and only provides a rough order of magnitude dar.
comes to that a proportion New Customers previously the combination wheel / rail have not used for their commute. In Münster, for example, 25% of Radstationsnutzer are not before the dial to the station. Alone in the university to be created in the years to 5000 is expected bicycle parking in the parking statutes. In conjunction with the overall improvement in cycling infrastructure in the years to rake with a significant expansion of the need for bike-and-Ride facilities at the station.
is therefore a bicycle parking garage essential, which should if possible be combined with a service station to get even more attractive. In no case should the basement as from individual members of the public meeting be in favor of short-term car parking spaces located further away from the station - proposed. The users have to deal with the deeper level anyway to have a longer way.
For the cyclists, where such a system is too complicated or expensive, there must be still above ground parking facilities in the station environment, because we all want for cyclists adequate storage room.
The proposal that the monitored parking facilities for bicycles on the road to locate Lahn can be no alternative. Of cycling, especially the university, plays off 90% on the other side of the tracks and the achievement of Lahnstraße would involve a considerable detour.
possible there would be but an increase in the number of rented bike garages.
dry, safe, clean: Bicycle parking in Göttingen

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Z Transform Stability

welcomes ADFC cycling improvements

With great joy, the ADFC casting noted that the city made casting long called for improvements to two major cycling compounds added.
early as the summer was the last piece mounted on the south side of the Lahn and asphalt, so that the connection to Klein Linden or Dutenhofen / Wetzlar was improved significantly.
In recent days, also another piece of the cycle and walkway completed at the bell creek. In the recent state of turmoil because of the way through tree roots was poorly passable, even in the wet he was poor passable. Due to the construction project is now completed this important especially for students related to the Otto-Behaghel Street very easy to negotiate. As reported by the Government should also continue until completed Rathenaustraße if budget is available again.
This was also demands that the ADFC has made in the consultation on cycling development plan taken into account.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Desert Eagle Importing Canada

Next Event: Stammtisch on Friday, 10/01/2010

Our regular meeting place in October on Friday, 01/10/2010 at 20 clock in the restaurant of the Congress Hall of Giessen ("Theolino's") at the Berlin court, instead. Guests are welcome

Friday, September 24, 2010

Eurosport Live Stream

Next date: Cycling at 25.9.

We travel by train from casting to the foot of the Vogelsberg. On the volcano, we join the cycle path Hoherodskopf, and then towards Nidda / Gelnhausen. In between is a good time for reflection. The return trip by rail. As the tour proceeds
on former railway lines are the increases moderately. Overall, about 70 kilometers.
Organization: Tilman Oerter:
tilman.oerter @

Monday, September 6, 2010

Whats Good Stomach Flu

Next date: Cycling at 12.9.

From the Romans to the Celts - the historical processes of her not quite right, the tour takes us through beautiful forests and valleys of three major regional historical points.
The tour takes us from casting on the Lahn bike path to Waldgirmes. There we visit the Roman camp. After rolling on the flat route, it then goes slightly uphill to the "Big Oak". About Bubenrod Rodheim-Bieber and we drive to the foot of Dünsberg, where we take in the restaurant "Keltentor" a lunch break. Then it's on to the reconstruction of the Celts and gate-homestead. After the tour, the return leg takes place through the beautiful Fohnbachtal on Gleiberg over after casting. There you can look back on the day in the Lahn at a final drink. The tour brings with it increases, which are easily overcome, however. The meters will be rewarded with stunning views. The focus of the tour is on the bike, so we did not book tours (except probably a short talk at Keltentor). We drive about 50 km. Departure: 10 clock station Oswald garden.
are still some places available. Please register by Friday, 10.9. is asked.
registration, information and organization on: Gerhard Greiner -

Monday, August 30, 2010

Inebrya Ice Cream Hair Colour

Next Event: Stammtisch on Friday, 03/09/2010

Our regular meeting in September will be held on Friday, 09/03/2010 at 20 clock in the "Rhodes" in Giessen, riverside path instead.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Carberators For A Artic Snowmoblie

More beds for Holiday cyclists in the district casting!

The ADFC sees need for more bicycle-friendly Bed & Bike Holidays

For weeks, the summer weather in Hesse has made wide. Despite occasional showers, the best time for a leisurely cycling holiday in the Hessian long-distance routes and their attractive side routes. This holiday cyclists in the district of casting not only inviting bike paths, but also sufficient bicycle-friendly find shelter, wants the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) Hessen existing gaps in the network of bed and bike shops close as soon as possible.

Bed & Bike companies are officially friendly, because they agree to accommodate guests for one night only, wheels to keep the night safe and maintained as required on loan. Other criteria include a dry way, date tourist information and a full breakfast. Currently, there are only casting in the district nine such accommodation facilities.

acute need for cycle-friendly accommodation provides the ADFC especially in the county town of Giessen, Hesse on the Lahn Valley Cycle Route Cycle Route R7 and content. At the R7 are missing in the district also casting bed & Bike Holidays in Buseck and rice churches, the cycling federation. Following the recommendation of the ADFC should holiday cyclists in Lich and Green Mountain, which lie at the R6, find a bicycle friendly overnight accommodation. Potential for bicycle guests also have the Lahn Valley Cycle Route Lollar and hunger at the limit cycle, the ADFC Hesse.

from the fee-based bed and bike certification houses benefit from a better awareness among the Cyclists: The illustrated profile of each bed and bike-

operation appears in the Internet database and the annual out-given accommodation directory printed in the handlebar pocket. Also in the position of the bed is shown and bike operations. For cyclists to travel planning much easier.

A high density of cycle-friendly accommodation is also a condition for a tourist cycle as ADFC-quality route can be certified. According to the ADFC Hesse is in many communities the potential for cyclists so large that several bed & Bike Holidays in one place makes sense - especially if they belong to different categories: In Bed & Bike related to star hotels and pensions as well as apartments, hostels and campsites.

Interested companies register now ADFC Hesse: Phone 069-944101 97; Fax: 069-944101 98; E-mail: Information and tender documents, the Internet is at: (guide to guest farms).

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Daughters Their Knickers

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Our regular meeting in August will be held on Friday, 08/06/2010 at 20 clock in the "Rhodes" in Giessen, riverside path instead.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Masterbation Lubrication

New bike path to the District Administration

ADFC casting welcomes new cycle route
casting cyclists can look forward to a new cycle route to the District Administration. In early June the fortified city, the last piece of a forest road between the car mile and the old Steinbach.
is through the new connection is now possible from the city center along the bell Bach and then drive over the old Steinbach directly to the District Administration.
was at the summer temperatures of recent days, the distance from observations of the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) is already well accepted. "The new way is not only an important shortcut for the employees of the district, but also for visitors to the county government," said the ADFC board member Gerhard Greiner. One had previously still be careful that you do not strays from the narrow path, it runs now expanded to a sufficiently wide path through the forest town of Giessen. Except for walkers the route is also well accepted by cyclists from remote forest, come as no long waiting times at traffic lights the road to Licher Philosophikum.
The track is these days for all cyclists from remote forest / Lich an alternative that want to drive in the Giessen city, but the construction sites and detours on the road Licher rather avoid. The ADFC
suggests signposting the connection now to the street and the Old Licher Steinbach.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Star Is Born Baby Shower Invitation

Next date: Sunday, 7/25/2010: Tour 60 +

This Speaking tour cyclists over 60 (ID will not be submitted) to.

Route: Lumda Wieseck round-trip, about 50 km. Snack on the way Wirberg; final stop in the Terraces Lahn in the boathouse road.

meeting 10.00 Oswaldsgarten station clock, Lahn page.

registration until 23/07/2010 at Irene Gaughan, Tel 0641-3010399 or .

Monday, June 21, 2010

Antibiotics When 38 Weeks Pregnant

Date Change: Next meeting - Stammtisch in July

Note change of date!
order to not compete with the beginning of the holiday must, we have brought forward the July Stammtisch:
Our regular meeting July, therefore already at Friday, 25/06/2010 by 20 clock in the "Rhodes" in Giessen, riverside path instead.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What Is Ment When A Dog Winks At You

Next Event: Stammtisch on Friday, 11/06/2010

Our regular meeting in June will be held on Friday, 11/06/2010 at 20 clock in the "Rhodes" in Giessen, riverside path instead.

moment later on Sunday 13 6. Our tour takes place during the ADFC Rally for Hesse Park. Information in this for the parent table, on our tour page or contact our President Hartwig Leuer.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

How To Dispose Of Sperm

Next Date: Sunday, 05/16/2010 "Around Giessen"

Friday, April 30, 2010

Indian Channel Free Satellite Frequency

Next Event: Stammtisch on Friday, 05/07/2010

Our meeting takes place in May on Friday, 05/07/2010 20 clock in the Cafe Giramondi "in casting, Bahnhofstrasse 53, instead.
Gerd Ortmann ADFC-State Executive Committee will be present and give a talk on safety in cycling. " Gerd then be available for questions and discussions around the country ADFC Verbend available.
As you all know from a recent issue of Bike World, sharpened the ADFC 7 Sense of cyclists in his lecture series "Safe driving wheel rules and tips. In these lectures, which were held in selected locations during the winter of speakers at the national office, safe driving was on bicycle paths, bicycle lanes, tape, or in mixed traffic in the center, was dangerous situations involving it being on special. Professional background were there dieStraßenverkehrs Regulations (Highway Code) and its new website since 1 September 2009. Although the new Highway Code was based on errors of form again suspended, could win the ADFC casting Gerd Ortmann by the National Association of Hesse for the topic in the original presentation to lecture. Since the regulations for road traffic regulations remain valid and auchdie Highway Code is to eliminate the defects in shape again proclaimed substantially unchanged, the presented rules and tips topaktuell.Der lecture will take place during our monthly Stammtisch 07.05.2010 at Café Giramondi at Bahnhofstrasse 53 in casting. Lecture Start: 20:15 clock.
We look forward to an interesting evening!
guests are welcome.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baby Cheeks Broken Blood Vessels

Next Event: Stammtisch on Thursday, 04/01/2010

Our regular meeting in April, on Thursday , 04/01/2010 by 20 clock in the restaurant of the Congress Hall of Giessen ("Theolino's") at the Berlin court, instead.
guests are welcome.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Gallerys Nadine Jansen

Next Event: General Meeting on Friday, 03/05/2010

on 5.3.2010 by 20 clock has our this year's general meeting in the café Giramondi in Giessen, Bahnhofstrasse 53 instead.

following agenda is planned:
Item 1: Welcome
Item 2: Election Meeting Coordinator and Secretary / in
Item 3: Management and financial report
Item 4: Report on the audit
Item 5: Approval of the Board
Item 6: Election of delegates to the LV 2010
Item 7: Picture Travelogue of crossing the Alps on the Via Claudia Augusta
(Speaker Dr. Walter Lenz)
Item 8: Annual planning and activities in 2010
Item 9: current cycling policy of Giessen
TOP 10: Miscellaneous

Monday, February 8, 2010

Esrcrp Elevatednormal White Cell Count

How many pitches does the bike Station Square?

ADFC counts show higher demand - City secures examination

In planning the station forecourt is significantly more demand for bicycle parking, as was previously planned. This information comes from censuses of the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) shows that this has December now regularly performs.

The city of Giessen was previously assumed that 366 bicycle parking spaces would be needed in the area of the station forecourt, with future increases should already be taken into account. The number of 366 bikes was presented in the Building Committee in early December and comes from an urban advice from the summer of 2009. Both individual committee members and the ADFC Giessen, who watched the session, these values were far too low. Since then, the ADFC assets have counted more than once the parked bicycles. It turned out that was stopped in December around the station up to 774 bikes. The creative new to area around the station square were counted, despite icy temperatures up to 428 bikes. In warm, dry summer weather, the cycle numbers should still be much higher. Further increases are expected, if possible according to the design of the space station all areas of the bicycles is a frame fixed connection and are covered.

The results of the counts of the ADFC is now the city provided. "We are grateful that the city reveals an immediate review of our numbers and promised that they will consider our results for further planning," said board member Jan Fleischhauer ADFC. How did it come to the discrepancies can The ADFC judge only partly because the urban opinion was not published.

From the presentation in the Building Committee was, however, that the parked at the new gears in the urban post opinions were not included, although there are parked outside the post office opening times up to 65 bicycles by train drivers. Another possible reason for the discrepancies may have been the time of the census. In university towns are in fact not on weekdays but on weekends, most bicycles parked at the station: Then there are the wheels of the commuters from the surrounding Giessen, their bikes to ride on weekdays between Station and university or place of use. Then there are the wheels of the students who live in pouring down, but at the weekend by train to the family.

Total welcomes the ADFC that the space station is being remodeled and the city has the goal, a sufficient number of covered and secure bicycle parking spaces directly offering the railway station. A guarded car park with bike repair service and sales should also be realized in the view of ADFC. The trend in cycling is generally too high-quality wheels and these need to be safely secured when one wants to move in the future even more commuters to switch to wheel and rail. That is great need clear.

Even with snow and ice, the parking facilities are filled at the station well. The ADFC therefore calls for a significant increase of the parking spaces during the redevelopment of the station square. Photo: ADFC / Jan Fleischhauer