Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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one two three bicycle stations!

In Frankfurt there are a discussion to bicycle parking garages. Fritz Biel ADFC Frankfurt arguments and needs in an article summarizes "current Frankfurt" in together. They can also be on the bike park use at the train station:
"The creation of safer and more easily accessible parking spaces for bicycles in sufficient numbers - and as close as possible to the target - is one of the most important tasks of the cycle promotion is on high-traffic locations. It can however also a difficult one. Although bicycles require only a fraction of the space needed for parking a car is a conflict.
From the perspective of the urbanity of a city anything Better pass than that their citizens are traveling by bicycle instead of driving. to reach its destination directly and not worry of having to just get rid of his vehicle until you need it again, this is one of the main reasons why people opt for the bike. Can not always place where all want to go, provide adequate bicycle parking. Even if space permits, one must accept that there are from an urban planning point of view very attractive locations for better use of opportunities as they make full of bicycles.
There is also no solution, garages shown where they have no one wants. Cyclists are in terms of routes and carry baggage, just as easily as other road users. Now it is to park his bicycle so far depend on the designation of parking spaces. The parking of bicycles in the public space belongs to the so-called "public use". As long as no one can obstruct, endanger or restrict in any other of his rights, one can park his bike, where ever you want.
Who does not want the free parking of bicycles is rampant, should be time to think about a range of alternative offers. Bicycle parking garages could - properly designed, built and operated - are such an offer. This to be observed some. Construction and operation of bicycle parking facilities cost money. You must be comfortably usable. drag bikes down stairs is not enough there. The willingness to pay for their use of money, moving experience, but within narrow limits. Not every cyclist is willing to use a bicycle parking garage. Only he who calls his own a relatively expensive bike and who wants to bring this for a long time, the effort in your portfolio. That limits the audience.
provides the public streets in general, the social control for a minimum of security of parked bikes, at least during the day. This is not the case in closed rooms. Bicycle parking garages make sense only if the parked bikes are guarded and with long opening times. That does not make things cheaper. Bicycle parking garages need a certain size to be used to stay viable, but then it works out long term only if the revenues are generated not only from the parking fees. It does so also other services. This brings us to the question of the operator. Where the market alone does not provide a solution, the public sector is required. This also applies to car parking facilities otherwise. In Frankfurt, the project would "Bike Point" of the International Confederation of a possible operator available, the best for his Integration work of young unemployed people experiencing public support and the necessary know-how has to offer beyond just guarding the bikes also paid services. The Frankfurter Velotaxi Board finds the idea to integrate with your services as a permanent tenant in cooperation with bike-Point in a bicycle parking garage very appealing. Passengers and tourists were there a direct point of contact.
Why now?
The very encouraging increase in inner-city cycling draws attention to the fact that the supply of bicycle parking spaces despite the laudable efforts are not already adequately is.
is the case of the upcoming redesign of the main station and Konstablerwache at two focal points of urban traffic situation, the possibility of integrating such a cycle park. The same also for the station, where the plans for the reconstruction of the station forecourt and the underlying B-level begin to emerge. No one can
without expert examination of the situation at the three sites to say whether the perspective is described to implement. The ADFC is therefore proposing that the City Council authorized a relevantly experienced planning office to provide an analysis of whether and under what conditions the three sites of operation a bicycle parking garage would be appropriate and possible. It should also be included opportunities arising from the discussion for both inner-city locations buildings to create modified urban area edges (M112/10).
The outlined opportunities come so in the foreseeable future again. They should therefore not be wasted.
That at least is the opinion of
Fritz Biel "

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Desperate Housewives Reruns Daytime

A bicycle parking is an urgent need

casting press release from the ADFC 10/18/2010:

ADFC provides:

* A bicycle parking is urgently required *

In various press articles to the citizens on the station forecourt in part to the impression that would have ADFC casting the negative ruled on the proposed bicycle basement at the station. This is correct and we want to deepen the content.

The statement that such a controlled and usually paid only storage room of about 20% of current cyclists at the station is approved, draws from the experience of other cycling stations, and only provides a rough order of magnitude dar.
comes to that a proportion New Customers previously the combination wheel / rail have not used for their commute. In Münster, for example, 25% of Radstationsnutzer are not before the dial to the station. Alone in the university to be created in the years to 5000 is expected bicycle parking in the parking statutes. In conjunction with the overall improvement in cycling infrastructure in the years to rake with a significant expansion of the need for bike-and-Ride facilities at the station.
is therefore a bicycle parking garage essential, which should if possible be combined with a service station to get even more attractive. In no case should the basement as from individual members of the public meeting be in favor of short-term car parking spaces located further away from the station - proposed. The users have to deal with the deeper level anyway to have a longer way.
For the cyclists, where such a system is too complicated or expensive, there must be still above ground parking facilities in the station environment, because we all want for cyclists adequate storage room.
The proposal that the monitored parking facilities for bicycles on the road to locate Lahn can be no alternative. Of cycling, especially the university, plays off 90% on the other side of the tracks and the achievement of Lahnstraße would involve a considerable detour.
possible there would be but an increase in the number of rented bike garages.
dry, safe, clean: Bicycle parking in Göttingen

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Z Transform Stability

welcomes ADFC cycling improvements

With great joy, the ADFC casting noted that the city made casting long called for improvements to two major cycling compounds added.
early as the summer was the last piece mounted on the south side of the Lahn and asphalt, so that the connection to Klein Linden or Dutenhofen / Wetzlar was improved significantly.
In recent days, also another piece of the cycle and walkway completed at the bell creek. In the recent state of turmoil because of the way through tree roots was poorly passable, even in the wet he was poor passable. Due to the construction project is now completed this important especially for students related to the Otto-Behaghel Street very easy to negotiate. As reported by the Government should also continue until completed Rathenaustraße if budget is available again.
This was also demands that the ADFC has made in the consultation on cycling development plan taken into account.