Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nigerian Native Fashion For Women 2010

me again

ok, I'm somewhat excited. with photoshop.

Kates Playground Ring O


anything for some time .... I know .... 've last written a story, but it is probably too long to post it here (ok, so long it is again not) but anyway .... hmm ... just need someone to write or talk to anyone .... and so I write now simply here .... may be deleted I see it again, maybe I let it but so are just as I write .... I do not see much ... do not be on Brile .... but I see not much else .... I feel nothing, I'm at the end .... if I can feel what it is pain, usually physically .... I can not cry anymore because I'm desperate or have hurt me emotionally ... but still reaches only one look and I cry .... I am not logical, but I do not care ... I do not know what is .... only think of knives or other things ... 'm considering to cut the poor but I do not want it because it would be unfair and not justified ... what it would be different if I would feel me terribly desperate ... ok, I have no plan more and can not .... but it is an almost callous as .... I can not .... I think that I only go on the nerves .... I'm sorry.
really concerns me is not so bad, I've self ...
'you mean well with us, like a father to his children, I hear preaching grad ne ... which was prayed here .... hmmm .... well ... I know myself ... but somehow ... oh wtf .... I can not think anymore and I do not want it too .... I wish I could be better, but this will not work and is perhaps a good thing .... soon it's all over ... sometimes it feels like again ... sometimes I do not understand what I say here really wanted to .... soon everything back as before, it is not better, but different from now, somehow it goes on and I die every day a little more ....
asked myself whether I still sometimes go to the doctor because of my stomach or whatever .... I have a lot of places, but what's already out here ....
feels everything is incorrectly or not at all feel and that is wrong .... I have no will, but no anger .... I'm considering whether to take me and let me work unquestioningly anything .... I see nothing ... and I do not want .... I do not want to go home. I want him to come and console me, but I want that he sleeps when he comes I wipe my eyes and say 'nothing' and I still do not think or repressed, perhaps what I eat ..... maybe things will get better, maybe I feel maybe I also feel God and his intervention, perhaps all leads to good so I can see it and understand .... might happen not what I was thinking ... my negative dream in which I liked as a kid quasi fans are perhaps true, perhaps not ... maybe I need to live on, perhaps I need not die ... maybe I should be glad ... maybe I need to lose myself to myself ... but sometimes I think that I should find me and know this first .... 'm indifferent. I am exhausted.
papa, please help me! but you see my tears, right? sorry but you see my .... hilf mir doch. ich muss mich wohl selbst überwinden, aber du kannst das besser, also bitte bitte tu was.