Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Desperate Housewives Reruns Daytime

A bicycle parking is an urgent need

casting press release from the ADFC 10/18/2010:

ADFC provides:

* A bicycle parking is urgently required *

In various press articles to the citizens on the station forecourt in part to the impression that would have ADFC casting the negative ruled on the proposed bicycle basement at the station. This is correct and we want to deepen the content.

The statement that such a controlled and usually paid only storage room of about 20% of current cyclists at the station is approved, draws from the experience of other cycling stations, and only provides a rough order of magnitude dar.
comes to that a proportion New Customers previously the combination wheel / rail have not used for their commute. In Münster, for example, 25% of Radstationsnutzer are not before the dial to the station. Alone in the university to be created in the years to 5000 is expected bicycle parking in the parking statutes. In conjunction with the overall improvement in cycling infrastructure in the years to rake with a significant expansion of the need for bike-and-Ride facilities at the station.
is therefore a bicycle parking garage essential, which should if possible be combined with a service station to get even more attractive. In no case should the basement as from individual members of the public meeting be in favor of short-term car parking spaces located further away from the station - proposed. The users have to deal with the deeper level anyway to have a longer way.
For the cyclists, where such a system is too complicated or expensive, there must be still above ground parking facilities in the station environment, because we all want for cyclists adequate storage room.
The proposal that the monitored parking facilities for bicycles on the road to locate Lahn can be no alternative. Of cycling, especially the university, plays off 90% on the other side of the tracks and the achievement of Lahnstraße would involve a considerable detour.
possible there would be but an increase in the number of rented bike garages.
dry, safe, clean: Bicycle parking in Göttingen


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