Monday, December 20, 2010

Changing License Nj To Ny

door door door nineteen twenty

hides behind doors eight p.m., not much. I would like you
shown a photo from aasee and the weeping willows, the mist and the white snow, which is all over it.
but probably even including those panoramas you see when you look out the window or away from where ever you live. therefore you need not photographic. and besides, I have no digital camera.

four more days to Christmas. the tension is rising.
I present my outfit for Christmas Eve completed (the tights bought) and looking forward even more to the feast. The first gifts are given away (to my dear girl Pippi Longstocking). the burnt almonds taste senationell (thanks m). I had visited today (which was great you swedish). the fabulous weekend me is still in its bones that could have easily gone any better (crafts, waffles, marvel at snow, train ride music, render, wg-party breakfast, book flight, Christmas food, mess, pippi, three to a bed ) sleep. and if one is even on Mondays and happy, then you have no reason to complain about the life.

I wanted a quote from pippi Viktualia post, I found so many of their sets well. but now I have all forgotten.


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