Monday, February 7, 2011

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Bike path Trohe - Rödgen to come

county, and municipal pay - the cost of bike and walk from Trohe be divided according to the resolution of the District Committee
In the ongoing discussion for several years to build a combined cycle and walkway from Trohe Rödgen comes to movement. The district committee decided at its recent meeting that the district an equal share of the costs. The other half is to take the town.
The decision of the district committee now provides that the county government worked out a contract with the municipality.
In the press release of the group pointed out that the circle for some time pursuing the goal of county road Renewed between 31 and Trohe Rödgen basic way. The pavement structure was "inadequate" and the road is too narrow. In addition, the level crossing because of insufficient road width corresponds not meet the minimum requirements.
The community has justified the need for bike and walkway so that especially young people from Trohe Rödgen facilities visited and used the public bus service to the city of Giessen. 2007 also an action group had collected nearly 900 signatures for a safe cycle and footpath, which had been passed in November 2007.
The press release will be with respect to a cost estimate of the Office of Road and Transport in Scotland Construction costs of just under 1.1 million euros mentioned. On the footpaths and cycle paths accounted for around 164 000 euros.
When handing over of signatures in November 2007, the Speaker of the citizens' initiative, Dr. Edzard Müller stressed that the roads to Rödgen especially in the dark season, in the evening and in the rain "extremely dangerous" were. Because of the unpaved edge of the pedestrian strip ran on the road. Morning young people were on their way to reach the city bus to Giessen. The confirmation Trohe use the road to get to the confirmation classes after Rödgen. At risk are older residents who are in the city bus Rödgen wanted to achieve.
(Source: Giessen Gazette dated 27.01.2011)
This is also a long-standing demand of the ADFC taken up casting. We hope that the implementation will soon be addressed.


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