Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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start. I
this trip was all for me. challenge, inspiration, fun,, amazing music. I've experienced more than I could ever write down what makes me happy but also sad, is clear.
I've eaten as much as ever and I've been drinking as much tea as rare. black tee. English tea. milk with a little bit.
there were so many places. I'm the richest town in England saw the most depressing, the largest in the lives of the queen when she is not in London, and the most creative. all locations were special and exciting and beautiful. though of course everything brighton overshadowed. with its mountains of clouds, music, art, people. and the sea.
there were so many people. foreign, Poland, England, old friends, new friends, German, crazy, beautiful, funny. hosts, auto buyers, parents, students, singers, vendors, flight attendants, airport personnel.
there were so many days. knitting and gehtage days, shopping days, concert day, Sunday, vacation days, sightseetage. a birthday.
there were so many buildings. an Art University and a cathedral. a library, two churches, who could not be. . Museums houses. railway stations. . Airports fish and chips stalls. . Casinos . Shops
there were so many moments. live on the radio moments, photo moments and photo moments. sunset sea moments and laughing moments. moments in which I was not able communicate and moments in which speakers and a hug is all matter. moments in which I was speechless. like now, where I am at all errinnere what we have experienced 11 days in England.

thanks to carlos, Mats, leanne, ed, mike, Lorna, Tom, have opened karen, mike, dan, matt in their living rooms
, bedrooms, beds and were allowed to sleep we and the us their lives and homes, we have picked up by buses and trains and drove us to flughhafen. Such hosts are priceless. thanks to security checks by janne with me thick, thin, and has gone fuƟschmerzleiden.

that was a trip.


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