Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Example Brazilian Wax

ARGGGGHHHHHHHSSSSS .... (-> Not a poem)

this here is not a poem! and it might not seem so ... I just need somewhere .... WHATEVER .... well ... no matter ... you'd think that would be tomorrow's computer science exam on areas of OOA etc. reason that I just turn the wheel ... but my logical thinking (although I am sure the same can no longer be able to be) leads me to conclude that it can not be ... because we all know can not not be what may ... well ... although it really should not be so deadly, blowing me a terrible anxiety around and spend your entire day ... I could ... Oh, I could explode implode on the spot or even because I am still undecided and I could only reflect on the despair ..... or the thought of other mundane things ... Well what the heck .... I have the feeling that I run around like crazy at the very beginning and run into walls, etc. just because it is unbearable ... and the fact none of the other known proportions is imminent if Inf ... well ... I have not really learned much, but that's not necessarily what one can save in this exam .... and that we write next day story and I really have nothing on it I learned and I just forget it all the same and I just really do not care, I'm also still can do not really responsible for my anxiety ... well ... and therefore I have now something to do when I already do not know the reason to eliminate them then do something against their intrusive presence ... well ... I would prefer to let off steam somewhere, but I can not think of anything that I do not fall even more in the incipient madness, which I am approaching grade would ..... well ... what the heck .... best is not sure that this is here ... if I did not immediately delete it, because it primarily was a matter that I'm somewhere otherwise shared busy .... well ...
oh yes ... I like the way Edgar Allen Poe, he writes simply brilliant ... and Hoffmann, at least what I've read about him ... and also a few works Bergengruensche I like good .... and you ask please do not feel like I now coming out at once ... I feel somewhere bubble madness in me and I'll try him only to have to break out, when I no longer sit at the keyboard ... otherwise, unfortunately entfleuchen my poor computer after it had to die of thirst ... well ... no matter ... and whoever reads this here also, he can safely ignore it, knowing that it really should not even be posted, but only one way of doing something somewhere and try not disengage and something (like my mirror, which occurs already plugged in and has now put on one, or to three, is something maltreating) to destroy ... anyway ... just forget about me ... and my moods ... dance



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