Friday, December 7, 2007

Retroperitoneal Adenopathies

no chance

here writing another school, it emerged today in Wirtschafstlehre. Oh Inf was quite ok :-)

this fucking tear
causes fear
draws me near
makes it clear that i will fail

go to jail
prison of mine
where i'm fine
but also alone
it's hard as stone
and cold as ice
but also nice
and hot like fire
and this i admire
it's not yet
what you'd expect
it has to change
its unordered range
before you come
i'll have it done
hear me, damn
a psycho i am
another maniac is
what i really miss
a man who knows
'bout battles and foes
who understands
my lonely lands
my fantasy
the dreams of me
my pain inside
fears that guide
and lead me on
will soon be gone
so never mind
one of my kind
we're all the same
in earthly game
we will get lost at any cost

we have no chance for one last dance

not one last smile
they closed the file
of our life
we can not survive.


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