Monday, December 17, 2007

Gay Crusing Spots Portland Oregon

well well ....

after we write CT tomorrow and have a little bit and I herumgekrist now finally have the necessary script, I decided that now was the right time for a new post ... by the way I like to take this Gege superiority over my head and I deplore, which in turn itself is also raised instead of just thinking, namely what to know ... And if he does not want, he should memorize your comfortable but a few basic things simple ... It can not be that hard ... or? He manages so well to remember meaningless ... But what he should ... well, since he refuses to ... maybe he had too much use of computers and now means to be able to afford just such nasty with me, as do those it ... well ... but that I lie probably wrong because if I remember correctly, but this is not so sure, because my head is also a trick could allow ...., now that the meanness were dealing with before the computers like to do and see ... not from me but from that part that thinks he can afford it ... the means determined to be able to think and to act against the rest of the will, which means it can be common as well .... It is not a mean thing if one's head against being denied? What would have if all the heads together to conspire against their carrier would .... alas, a magnificent spectacle would see ... but only for our heads, which would probably allow the to keep the beautiful things for yourself and see us suffer ... which now offers a solution here? how could we break up the plot like defeat the heads? Do not start any with yourself? make your own head first harmless .... yes, that would be a way ... but how? It would be good to separate all the heads so that they no longer do the rest of the body subject to export their ideas and ... Now truly, because there would be more peace in the world ... but the heads would still not make common cause? I think they would ... but I can be sure whether I think that? Do not think my head but it? Can he tell me do not you think? In thinking about thinking and doing what you intend to head with the thought and the thought, it would probably be ruined so many ... Be that as it may .... you can defend yourself against thought perhaps? now ... some people it houses can be manufactured long or suppress only ... some heads are weak and do not resist very much ... yes, everybody has already managed to do without thinking ... and yet they are not celebrated as heroes of specific acts ... art is not appreciated and instead are others whose heads are too strong, their thoughts and thinking are too pronounced, then left to the pain, further and further tormented by the thought have to those heroes who have that defeated the thinking ... but it is the case not so many that thought voluntarily left someone? Are not those who are happy ... even without thinking or perhaps because of?
So now this is dedicated to those who must bear the thought ... have the second and third thoughts and pay attention to them because they know that it is usually the better part ... because otherwise the head would rise up against one? So now some are thinking and get delivered as the suffering hero progress and goods, those who seek happiness and eat, but those from the head, which, as I forgot to mention is often allied with the understanding, can still be determined who care, they think ... these poor .... let us lament this!!

:-) well well ... whatever else arises when one presses the right computer science :-)



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