Friday, December 21, 2007

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Come with me

This is the story of a fairy queen. Not everyone sees this story in this poem, but oh well ... the poem is perhaps purely poetic not that great ... but it's more about the idea of it ... the abstract of what the poem and tries to draw ... oh well .... I have already written a while ago :-)

Like a fire it received the sparkle of her eye
water as she was surrounded by her robe wrapped in
tränerne beads
they seemed to say "Come with me into a beautiful country!"

delicate hands held it against him
and a smile on her face
but something seemed to tell her
"Darling, please do not do that!"

As a warning it came to mind
yet how this figure was fine
she smiled gently and looked at him
and he gave himself into their power.

quietly abducted him in another world
he was charmed, and in its spell
but he soon realized her true form
and desperate now working.

had not once a voice warned
was not them it was too late
first time he had realized too late
read in their eyes.

He knew now, she herself did not want it
but what helped him now that knowledge?
He could not be angry
but the spell was now broken.

empty and lonely, was now the world
in which they had taken him
the end and the last time
have met her.

In silent mourning the demise
close the two went around
a final tear that spoke words of farewell,
they saw no more.


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