Thursday, December 6, 2007

Wish You Well David Baldacci Chapter By Chapter

sir belardin avarchillion

this is here primarily to avarchillion ... I love him and wish him well say this is hereby proclaim publicly :-) though he is already a known fact :-)... but oh well .... no matter ...
here are done so in the form of a poem that he may already know, but oh well ... It may be mentioned here yet again. It is also this is a school writing

:-) I do love you as I never loved before

and whatever we want there will come
stand forever more.
May our love be blessed by God
may it last forever
may the one that brought us here
let us be together.
And I do love you
as I never loved before.

sin-din Belar, avarchillion, din sir Adara Adara belarieae ù sin-sin you Tarí Taria
-dir intarí belaraeo ù heraan you, iin-Belar sin, iin-Adara Tarí!
din sir intarí baanethel ù tarínethel sir, sin-sin-dir Belar din ù Adara Taria baan.

eleaie sir belardin avarchillion

so has been regarded here avarchillion in the first place, he will understand. I love him. :-) No, who's would have thought? 8-0 (sometimes you have :-) I may be there are people who understand's :-) oh well ...)



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