Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Latest On Brian And Andrew A Place In Greece

tears of loneliness

The soft feet are just
on gray stone wet lap,
the legs are gently wafted
white dress and with no time
a dream by this image,
a dream that is only in dreams,
by the cry not tears,
a silent cry though, icy light,
coldness of heart permeates her being,
in tears, pearls can read,
as they sadness weaved
and in their every heartbeat live
the grief despair again,
lets tears, screaming their course,
now is here to rock edge
stares into the abyss completely banned
looks and infinite blackness,
is in silence there, took courage,
takes a step, not looking back,
takes everything, no last look
and a tear that falls still
still RECOURSE and this tells
a tear that passes
and but above all stands
a tear that is silent but
and in their silence now, but shows that broke
still mourning her, that
She followed that spoke of death to her,
that what has broken it
and they moved has to act
crept not only suddenly has
but every word you said its part did to
your ignorance
finished her dance,
on the day when they lost your love
death has auserkorn them to mate,
is now here for no reason,
this case sealed the covenant
in his chambers with her death,
a delicate white from black and red is
the colors of death surrounded
her legacy live on only through her tears, otherwise it is
been with you already past,
never, not full of sadness,
not worth to remember them at this time,
only their tears, which remains in solitude.
The death of her will be a better seems companion,
in melancholy, not only pain but
is it is accompanied
and you, like you, sadness, prepare
she dances in beauty to the dance of death
in tender love and elegance,
death does a hard song to
and takes her hand and she smiles at him.


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